I remember the first time I realized that Dennis was never going to leave me… outside of death that is…

We’d gotten into a huge fight and I stormed out of his house really thinking it was over. I got about a half mile home when I saw headlights coming up very fast behind me. So I pulled over, figuring if it wasn’t a cop that I still didn’t want to get between this guy behind me and wherever he was going.

But it was just Dennis.

Come to tell me that he could not get through the night with out a good night kiss and that even if we were angry that he still loved me.

This was after I went on prozac because I didn’t want to drive him away with my mood swings. Dennis was the reason I even realized I was mentally ill. So, he knew me at my best and still loved me at my worst.

For 6 years.

Thank you Dennis for showing me what love is.

Rest In Peace… 1971-2006


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