Thursday Rules

I work from home most Thursdays and I get a lot of requests from guys for Thursday “lunch”… in which “lunch” is code for “afternoon delight”… silly men. 

In answer to this, I have developed some “Rules” for “Thursday”…

1. Lunch is mandatory. Or there will be no “afternoon delight”. 

2. Dessert, real dessert, not “dessert” that is code word for “afternoon delight”, may be substituted for lunch, but ONLY if advance notice is given. (I still need to eat lunch…)

3. McDonald’s (or any other place with a drive thru) does not qualify as lunch… and thus, no “afternoon delight” will ensue.

4. Flowers, or other gifts, can be substituted if there is no time for lunch. The value of the “afternoon delight” will be comparable to the perceived (mine) value of the gift or flowers. 

When I told a guy my Thursday Rules he said “Doesn’t that just make you a prostitute?”

Uh… no. 

If I was a prostitute, you’d be paying cash.  


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