An Experiment 

I’m going to conduct a little experiment… a dating experiment. This may also help me increase my dic pic collection too, because I’m hoping to publish that coffee table book someday. 

I’ve always had a rule that men don’t end up here, until I’ve realized that the “relationship” is over. I use that term very lightly. 

Those are the posts that get the most traffic here… my dating horror stories. So I’ve changed up my online dating profiles to “Casual Sex” and bought out the local 7 eleven of condoms. (Can you believe I can use my flex card for all the condoms in the world, but I can’t buy a single tampon with it?)

So if you really want to know what dating as a single mom is like, stay tuned. I’ve got lots of stories for you. 

And maybe I’ll soon have enough dic pics to get that photo book published after all…


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