Conversations with a 6 Year Old

Little: Wow, mommy. You have a lot of cookbooks!

Me: Yes, I collect them. 

Little: But why? You don’t cook. 



So, I got on the metro this morning and ran into a guy I met for coffee a couple months ago… who told me at the time that he was not married…

Guess who was wearing a wedding band this morning… 

Hint: Not me… 😂

I mean, I guess he could have gotten married in the last couple months, but my experiences with men this past year tells me he was probably married and cheating or he would have, AT LEAST, not lied about his relationship status to me…

And you wonder why I’ll never marry?!?

Time for Bed

Lately ​I’ve been having trouble with my keys not releasing from the ignition when I turn off my car and it happened this morning. Since I was running really late and 15 minutes of jiggling them and turning the steering wheel hard right wasn’t working, I left them and locked the car using the buttons on my door figuring I’d use the key fob to open it when I got back.

Uhm, big fat nope.

Because my key fob won’t work if the key is in the ignition. Duh.

So, I summoned a lyft driver.

But my phone died before he showed so I missed him and got charged $5 for it.

Sigh. It’s the story of my life. 

Anyway, I ended  up walking 1.6 miles in the rain and in dress shoes to pick up my daughter from after school care. 

Thankfully, it’s 8pm and time for bed.