A Zoo is letting you name a cockroach after your ex, for only $2

Seriously, though… I’m totally getting in on this!



Teeny Weenie

I spent the majority of the weekend arguing with my ex until I had a revelation this morning…

He has a teeny weenie and has no clue how to eat pussy.

Why am I wasting my time?

online dating odds for women

Yesterday, I recieved:

97 Likes and 23 Messages…

15 of which were “hi/hey/you’re beautiful” or some other minimal effort.

3 were vulgar.

5 I responded to, and out of these…

1 was trying to cheat on his wife (I’m ethically non-monogamous)

1 was looking for MFM (I’m a 1 on 1 girl)

1 was a couple looking for a unicorn (I am not THAT kind of unicorn)

So, out of 23 messages, only 2 were not a complete waste of my time.

And this is the reality of on- line dating for women so think about it the next time you whine about how difficult it is for you to get a response from a woman in the on-line dating world, men.

One day.

One on-line dating app.

One woman.

The No Good, Very Bad, Horribly Rotten Day

It’s been a little while since this day occurred and, although I wrote the post THAT day, I wasn’t ready to share it yet. Anyway, now I can laugh about it. so here goes…

I left my pie at the grocery store checkout… after I paid for it.

I then locked my keys in my car when I tried to quickly run back in to the store to retrieve said pie.

My phone just corrected pie to pee…

I tore up both my hands trying to find the stupid hide-a-key that mysteriously wasn’t where I put it.

I figured out how to break into my car with an ice scraper. grin.

I finally made it home and said “Alexa, I’m having a bad day.”

And Alexa proceeded to play Dave Matthews… (I learned a new geek trick a few days ago.)

All is well in my world.